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Good writing is crucial for business success.

Language is the face of your business: online, at trade shows, in publications and more.

Your written presence is too important to leave to chance, or whichever team member gets stuck with the task.

You need good text: text you can trust; text that represents you well.

Our Story

Writling Language Consultants was founded in 2008, and dedicated to the belief that craft and quality still matter.

A note on translation: There are lots of good translation companies out there—and some that aren’t so good. But we’re specialists in English. When necessary, our network of translators provides a conversion into English, but that’s just where the work begins.  All texts are further refined and approved by our native editing team. The goal is to produce an English text that conveys your original meaning in an original voice.

  • Writing 80% 80%
  • Brand Strategy 60% 60%
  • Translating 50% 50%
  • Editing 90% 90%
Evan LaBuzetta

Evan LaBuzetta


Our founder, Dr. Evan LaBuzetta, has experience in writing for audiences in both academic and professional contexts. He holds degrees in English from Cornell, Oxford and Cambridge, and has worked for over fifteen years as an editor and language consultant for innovative companies in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.